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Jool Solar+ at home

Our hybrid lamp can illuminate and decorate your home

HeyJool solar powered lamp and charger

Jool Solar+ into the wild

Our hybrid lamp can charge your devices and light your outdoor evenings

At home, as a desk lamp, or by the fire camp, as an extra light, a powerbank to keep your electronics charged at all times

Powered by the sun!

JOOL SOLAR + is a beautifully crafted product that soaks up energy from the sun to realease it when light or power is gone. 

Made with SunPower PV cells, the most efficient on the market, JOOL SOLAR + internal battery will charge when placed under the Sun.

sun power

8 – 12 hours
under the sun to fully charge

charges heyjool

charge & battery level indicators

1 – 2 hours
also charges from a power outlet


With its 2200mAh internal battery, JOOL SOLAR + will keep your electronics charged at all times. 

The LiFePO 4 technology is the cleanest in the Lithium familly, far longer- lasting than the Li-ion commonly used in our smartphones, powerbanks and other flat electronic devices.

1 hour charges

Fully charges a smartphone
in 1 hour

capacity ≈ 1.3 smartphone

LiFePO 4

Cleanest & longest-lasting
battery technology

Illuminate, decorate, radiate

More than a solar charger and a powerbank, JOOL SOLAR + is a powerfull lamp. It is able to illuminate your interior and accompany you on your next outdoor adventure : hiking, camping, trekking!

Originally designed for energy access around the world, JOOL SOLAR + has evolved to a unique product with both social and environmental impact with sales in the North benefitting people off-the-grid in the South.

4 brightness settings
from 10 to 100 lumens

picto chene chêne oak

unique use of cork for a responsible and beautiful product

8 to 80

up to 80 hours
of light on a single charge

What is energy poverty?

While most of us take electricity for granted in 2017, over 1 billion people still live without access to clean and affordable energy accross the globe.

Energy poverty strongly impacts:

  • Education: children cannot study after dark, often around 7pm in the Southern hemisphere
  • Safety: off-grid communities rely on toxic and hazardous kerosone lamps to illuminate their homes
  • Revenues: men and women have to stop their daily activities which means less revenues for the household

Off-grid communities are not HEYJOOL’s core market, but are our core motive in designing the JOOL product line. We aim at creating awareness around this global issue and distribute our products to those in need at the lowest price possible.

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About us

HEYJOOL is a social business started in Paris by Planetic.

We aim at creating awareness and positively impact Energy poverty and environmental sustainability. We strongly believe that solar power is the future for the people and the environment. We are hoping to achieve this through honest and durable design practice and a business model that benefits those in need.